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Zdravá výživa KOMBUCHA
…nápoj pro Váš zdravý život

Welcome on pages firm STEVIKOM company,

<p> producer of health life style products, such as Kombucha drink.</p> <p> Kombucha – your health in your arm. Kombucha<br /> Do you want be in good health? Them to you important health your near?<br /> Give his body, what applies.<br /> Head be in good health nourishment.<br /> Company STEVIKOM produces productions healthy nourishment.  By one of performances healthy sustenance is fermented drink Kombucha. Why healthy sustenance will not go round without Kombucha?<br /> Regular consummation drinks from Kombucha add his body enzymes, vitamins, mineral matters and especially bacteria milk fermentation.<br /> <br /> Drink chemicals, or „ live water"? Kombucha<br /> is ancient elixir.<br /> Drunk Kombucha, that is of elixir health, longevity, beauty and healthy bodies. Kombucha<br /> rises natural suit fermentation Kombucha culture and tea infusion. But Kombucha ours firm STEVIKOM, them as one of the few in Europe, prepare according to conventional progress without any adjustments, thinning, pasteurization etc .<br /> Healthy sustenance you will taste.<br /> Afford Kombucha with your favourite smack including ours novelty in the marketplace - organic kombucha with smacks and rice malt.<br /> Kombucha they may drink all from children after old man.<br /> Pour drink for ; healthy life … „ cheers!"</p>